This course will teach you techniques to improve your productivity, precision, creativity, and efficiency with both 2D and 3D drawings. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, enrolling in this course is the best way to begin realizing the benefits that this software offers.


What Will You Learn From This Course?

AutoCAD is the most widely used computer-aided design (CAD) software by Architects, Engineers(Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, IPE, URP, NAME etc.), construction drafters and many other workers.

From this course, you’ll learn about-

Part-1# DRAW BAR: Model(Different mode), Template Selection, Plane Selection, Line, Poly Line, Circle, Arc, Rectangle, Ellipse, Hatch, Spline, Helix, Construction Line

Part-2# MODIFY BAR: Move, Copy, Stretch, Rotate, Mirror, Scale, Trim, Fillet, Array, Erase, Explode, Offset

Part-3# ANNOTATION BAR: Text, All types of Dimension, Linear Dimension, Angular Dimension, Radius/Diameter, Arc Length, Leader, Add Leader, Remove Leader, Leader Alignment, Table, Dimension Style Manager

Part-4# LAYERS BAR: Layer Properties, Creating New layers, Layer Colors, Highlighted Layers, Layer Line Properties, Line Thickness

Part-5# BLOCK, PROPERTIES & Groups Bar: Create Block, Insert Block, Edit Block, PROPERTIES BAR, Layer colors, Line Color/Thickness, Match Properties, Groups Bar, Create Group, Ungroup, Group Edit

Part-6# UTILITIES & CLIPBOARD BAR & INSERT and ANNOTATE Window: Measuring (Distance/Radius/Area/Volume etc), Quick Select, and Quick Calculator.
CLIPBOARD BAR: Copy, Cut, Paste
INSERT WINDOW: Block, Block Definition, Reference, PDF Import
ANNOTATE WINDOW: Text, Dimension, Centerlines, Leaders, Tables, Annotation Scaling

Part-7# DWG to PDF & Template Creation: Model, Layout, Model, Layout à PDF file Conversion, Template Creation & Saving as DWG, DWT, PDF file

Part-8# Short-cut Keys & 2D Practice: AutoCAD Shortcut Keys, 2D Practice (Wrench)

Part-9# AutoCAD 2D Practice: Floor Layout (Tools used: Units, Walls, Doors & windows, Blocks, Text, Hatches, Dimension)
AutoCAD 3D

Part-10# Modeling: Box (Cylinder, Cone, Sphere, Pyramid, Wedge, Torus, Polysolid), Extrude, Revolve, Loft, Sweep

Part-11# Solid Editing Bar: Drawing Plane Selection, Loft, Union, Subtract, Intersect

Part-12# Solid Editing Bar: Slice, Interface, Thicken, Extract edges, Extruded Face, Shell

Part-13# Solid Editing Bar: Fillet Edge, Chamfer Edge, Taper Faces, Extruded Faces, Offset Faces, Offset Edge


Discussion Forum – AutoCAD 2D & 3D
Part 1# Draw Bar SAMPLE LESSON
Part 2# Modify Bar
Part 3# Annotation Bar
Part 4# Layers Bar
Part 5# Block, Properties & Group Bar
Part 6# Utilities, Clipboard Bar, Insert Annotate
Part 7# DWG to PDF Template Creation
Part 8# Shortcut Keys, 2D Practice-Wrench
Part 9# 2D Practice – A Floor Layout SAMPLE LESSON
Part 10# Modeling
Part 11# Solid Editing
Part 12# Solid Editing Bar
Part 13# Solid Editing Bar
Part 14# 3D Practice – Pipe Bend 45 Degree SAMPLE LESSON
Part 15# Practice Object 2
Part 16# Practice Object 3
Assignment: Object Drawing


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